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Manage Charges

  1. One time registration charge of Rs.100/-.
  2. MRD charges, RMO charges, Nursing charges and Dietician charges are applicable for each episode of admission.
  3. Charges for doctor’s consultation, operation, procedures, investigation, etc. are as per the room category.
  4. In case the patient is shifted from lower to higher room category, the charges for the consultant visit, investigation, operation, will be revised and charged to the higher category from the date of admission.
  5. In case of shifting to ICU/NICU bed charges will be applicable as per the category in which the patient is admitted.
  6. In case of direct admission to ICU/NICU, charges will be applicable as per default category.
  7. In case of new born shifting to nursery, the baby’s charges will be according to the category in which mother was admitted.
  8. Room charges will be billed for full day on the day of admission irrespective of time of checking in. Room charges are billed on 24 hr basis for subsequent days.